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It was very hard to choose just one
Foster Parent

Mrs. Cross
and the Students of the
Resource Room Northome School

Bemidji, MN

This is the e-mail The Students sent to lady gouldian finch.com
We would like to give a home to the gentleman Gouldian. We don't think 4 years old is old, you should hear how old our teacher is! We would especially like a Gouldian since the winters here are long and there are not many birds, except chickadees. We have a nice large, planted aviary for him to live in. We have a couple of zebra finches too. They are friendly and we think they would all be friends.

We believe we are good candidates for a foster home for many reasons. We are students of all ages, abilities and disibilities. We are all kinds of families.Some of us like birds because of their colors or their sounds or their movements, we are learning to appreciate things on many levels, no just appearances. We will write and draw pictures too, to let you know how he is doing up North.

Thank you very much for accepting our application.
Sincerely yours,
Mrs Cross and Students

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