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Foster Parent Program
We received an
Overwhelming Response

to our
Adopt A Bird
Foster Parent Program
Lee Ann

Mooresburg, TN

This is the e-mail Lee Ann sent to lady gouldian
"...this is my fourth time at trying to give one of these special little birds a great loving home. Recently we lost our female Lady Gouldian handicap bird; I was crushed. She was hatched with a deformity of her leg sticking out on the side. We tried to comfort her in every way. I think that I would be a good candidate for this special little bird for many reasons, one being that I try to help out birds in need. I believe that all gods creatures no matter if they are perfect or not have a special place on this earth. When we get to the point that the imperfect doesn’t matter anymore, it is sad. I just love the Lady Gouldian Finch because of its beauty and song. I can promise that if you choose me, this bird will get the upmost attention and love. I think that it is great that you are finding for all these special little birds people who love and understand the needs that they have. Thank you for giving me the chance to enter on these special birds."

© lady gouldian 2017


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