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Sunroom Aviary

Several years ago we turned a screen porch off the kitchen into a glass sunroom. I have always loved birds and this seemed to be the perfect place for an aviary. We had one built to match our white wicker furniture. It gives the allusion of the birds actually being outside and I can watch them from the kitchen where I spend most of my time.

Sounds of Begging Babies
The aviary is enclosed with double panes of plate glass that slide out individually making cleaning easy without risking escapees. While this contains the mess, it doesnít block out all of the sound so I can enjoy their song and the sound of begging babies. There is a slide out tray in the bottom to hold the compressed grass bedding that I prefer for absorption and ease of cleaning. The top lifts to expose the circulation fan with replaceable filter, thermometer, florescent bulbs with a timer and a heat bulb with dimmer if needed. It is separated from the birdís living quarters with grid wire screening which is perfect for hanging branches, swings, greenery and nests. Pretty wild bird feeders make an interesting addition and the birds love them. I like to use manzanita branches when I can find them because they are indestructible and can even go in the dishwasher. The aviary is on casters for easy moving. Part of the enjoyment for me is the redecorating and the birds seem to love variety in their environment.

Courtship Rituals
I started with a variety of finch pairs but the Gouldians multiplied so quickly, I gave everything else up. I can sit and watch them for hours. I love the singing of the males and am fascinated by their courtship rituals. It is so exciting to me to watch the babies as they come out of the nest and try their wings for the first time, then waiting to see what color they will be.

My aviary and Gouldian finches have brought me so much pleasure. I feel very privileged to have this beautiful display of nature in my own home.

Lynne Goodman
Chattanooga, TN

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