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Aviaries have always been the recognized way to provide the most natural environment for your birds. Aviaries offer the necessary space birds need for life sustaining cardiovascular exchange as well as a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience for you. . Similar to humans, birds need exercise to maintain a high level of health. Space is provided creating the privacy many species need for successful breeding. Outdoor aviaries, on top of the other benefits, offer direct sunlight, fresh air All birds thrive in an aviary environment, each requiring special consideration in regards to aviary size, location, nutritional needs, and heating requirements. Once you see your birds in a aviary setting, you will never want to have them in a cage again.

Service offered:
  • sturdy foundations, durable mesh to withstand the outside elements including prowling wildlife
  • wind and rain proof shelters
  • open flights for unlimited exercise
  • plant selection
  • covered flight design
  • double door entries
  • flooring ranging from cement to dirt.

Besides consultations on aviary design, I offer the following service(s)
  • * Assistance with purchase of healthy birds for the aviary as well as instructions on care and feeding of birds housed within an aviary.
  • * Periodic inspection of birds and aviary for needed care or maintenance.
  • * Routine maintenance and cleaning of aviary
   Diana Nielsen
   663 9th Ave
   Menlo Park, CA 94025
   email: Warblebird@aol.com

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