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My Spoiled Little Girl
By Kathy Stokosa

My Mom named her after her favorite actor before she new she was a girl. Viggo is quite the spoiled little bird. She was thrown out of the nest by one of the parents, not sure which one, grabbing her leg/foot which caused her to have a club foot. Her right leg is also messed up. Her flight feathers were broken during her first molt. She held them out to balance herself and the pin feathers got broken off.

She loves to sit in my hand
and have her head rubbed

She takes a
bath every day
and loves the
hair dryer.
Now I have a little blessing that can hardly hop and canít fly. However, she has a great spirit despite her handicaps.

Viggo-outside enjoying a
Sunflower Green
loves looking
at the
Camera Lens

She loves oatmeal and sunflower greens and still enjoys being fed the Lafebers hand raising bird formula. She is one incredible little bird. I love her so very much!

Kathy Stokosa - MT

© lady gouldian 2017


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