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"...when I added KD to my birds weekly baths I say a dramatic increase in bathing as well as a total evolution of excitement and loudness in the birds."
Robert Winters - New York

Just over a year ago now I took pity upon a poor bald gouldian hen and brought her home to see what I could do for her. Thinking that a nice home and lots of TLC would help her re-grow her head feathers, I was setting myself up for months of disappointment and frustration. If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place. This is the story of "Scully", a former bald lady gouldian finch.

I was lucky enough to come upon Laraine's site when I was looking for some answers as to why my poor little hen was bald. I was also beginning to worry about "Jazz", my male gouldian, who was starting to show small bald spots around his head also. I found a section on iodine deficiency and was so relieved to have found what I thought was the answer to my problems. I ordered Liqui-Kelp and used it for 6 weeks as prescribed. I saw improvements in Jazz's feathers as new pin feathers grew in rather quickly and filled in his bald spots. Unfortunately, Scully showed no improvement. After a month or so of using the Liqui-Kelp at the maintenance dose in their water, I realized that Scully's baldness was not due to an iodine deficiency, so I was back to square one and had no idea what to do for her.

Using Laraine's website as my new gouldian bible, I decided it would be a good idea to treat the birds for air-sac mites and order some supplements that might help Scully's condition. SCATT made such a difference in the bird's energy, ridding them of the mites, but they were not the cause of the feather loss. I was then also using Daily Essentials in their water and Feather Up on their food. From Laraine and others I learned how to introduce wet food into the finch's diet, which is essential for good nutrition. Their wet food consisted of Feast, egg pellets, bread and baby bird mash with Feather Up sprinkled on top. I learned that protein is crucial for feather growth, so improving their diet, as well as their environment, were key components to Scully's progress.

Months went by and still there were no feathers growing in. In reality, she was losing even more feathers until her head and neck was almost completely featherless! At this point I was beginning to fear that something was wrong with my poor finch. After contacting Laraine for assistance, she enlisted the help of Dr. Rob Marshall. After hearing my story he concluded that Scully had undergone an abnormal moult before I brought her home, where she must not have had enough energy to complete the moult which left her head featherless. He prescribed three of his products: Turbobooster, a source of protein, vitamins, and fatty acids; F-Vite, a source of minerals; and e-powder, a source of energy. After only one week of using these products the feathers on the back of her head were growing back in! These were the feathers that she had just recently lost so I was excited to finally see some progress!

Top Photos after One Week on Dr Rob Marshall's Products
" feathers showing up all over Scully's head!"

A few more months passed and Scully still had her bald head that she had when I first met her almost a year before. It wasn't long, however, until I began to notice quite a few more feathers at the bottom of the cage. My two birds were beginning their yearly moult and I was thrilled to finally see pin feathers showing up all over Scully's head!

It has now been almost 14 months since I first brought little Scully home and she now has beautiful feathers all over! By looking at her you'd never think her head was ever featherless.

With proper nutrition, a good environment, the help of Laraine McGinnis and Dr. Rob Marshall and their products, and a LOT of patience and dedication, I now have two beautiful gouldian finches. Thank you Laraine and Dr. Marshall, words cannot describe how grateful I am. Scully and Jazz thank you too.

Natalie Gay,
New Brunswick, Canada

© lady gouldian 2017


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