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Many breeders use Bognea Intensief mixed with Carophyl (Canthaxanthin). The combination of the two products will promote intense red color throughout all the birdís plumage. The Canthaxanthin is very effective at coloring the contour feathers and Bogena is good on the longer feathers on the wing and tail. The products can be mixed into eggfood/nestling food recipes or in the drinking water. Canary breeders that use this combination dilute the strength of the Bogena/Carophyl R combination mixture to half of the recommended strength on the manufacturers feeding directions. Many breeders suggest a mix rate of 50g CarophyllR/Canthaxantin 10% to 500g Bogena.

Canthaxantine 10% Dosing Instructions:
A working solution is made by dissolving 1 tablespoon of Canthaxanthadine powder in 1 quart of boiling water. For soft foods, 6 teaspoons of the cooled working solution is then mixed into 1 Ĺ cups of soft food using an electric blender. The working solution may be mixed with the soft food until it is a pale pink color. The working solution replaces the birdsí drinking water and should be refreshed daily. The working solution must be stored away from sunlight in the refrigerator. Canaries enjoy the taste of the color additive.

Special Instructions:
Since all birds have differing absorption rates, the canary breeders that I have spoken with tell me that you should not see any red coloring in the droppings of your birds. If you do, then you will need to decrease the amount of powder to water ratio, until the red color disappears from the droppings.

Carophyll R/ Canthaxanthin 10%
Available in: 10g, 50g and 200g
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Note: Most experts feel there are not health risks associated with carotenoid concentrates, as long as the doses are administered in the correct quantities and are not fed continuously all year round. It is always advised to consult your veterinarian regarding your canaryís diet.

Note: A Canthophyll food dye, containing 10% Canthophyllis and canthaxanthadine is potentially liver toxic to birds and must always be used in accordance with dosages calculated by experienced canary breeders.

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