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"...I am especially thrilled with (well…actually my little Gouldians are thrilled with…) the feeding racks that have the little flat dishes. Heretofore, my birds refused any soft foods from anything or from anywhere in the little aviary. Now they are gobbling up mashed veggies and fruit.."
Susanne St. John – CA

"...all the birds await anxiously in the morning for their plate of eggfood mix. I am using your little round plate on the hanging frame for the mixture. They hadn't been interested in the same food in treat cups. Yesterday as an experiment, I put the usual mix in a regular seed cup and when I got home from work, they had not touched it. Even left it in the samp place where the plates had been. Back to a plate today, all gone. Will they want cloth napkins and napkin rings next?"
Liz Halperin

"...my finches have developed a real fondness for eating from your hanging softfood dish. They completely ignore the regular cups hanging about the cage. Instead, led by the Society, they sit in the empty dish and squawk until I fill it."
Bill Gufford

by their very nature, gouldians are not
ground dwelling birds.

In a colony situation, Gouldians will go to the floor of a cage or aviary to feed, but they always leave a "look-out" above to sound an alarm if danger approaches. However, with only a few birds (pair) in a smaller cage, I found they can be timid and many will not eat from the floor feeding dish where I placed their soft foods.

   I found that by hanging the
dish on the side of the cage,
as high as possible,
they can both eat and be
aware of their surroundings.
I designed this two-dish
hanging system for
each of my cages
and flights.
designer dishes &
wire holder set
  • Made in the USA
  • Designer Styling
  • Tapered Sides
  • Dish Washer Safe
  • Unbreakable plastic
  • Hangs On Side of Cage

I fill the first dish in the am with their soft foods and remove the dish after several hours. Using eggs in my soft food mixture and living in a very hot and humid state, it is necessary to remove any food that the birds do not consume to avoid any bacteria from growing. Having two sets of dishes permits my dishwasher ( my mom ) more time to wash and replace the first set in time for the next feeding.

By using this hanging method my birds became less timid and began eating the soft foods that I introduced to them. This method also prevents droppings from getting into the dish as they move around the cage.

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