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22 of South Africa's Top Breeders Share their Years of Experience
Aviary Design - Where Best to Positions Your Aviary - Degree of Difficulty - Breeding - Compatibility Communal Flights - Diet Requirements - How to Sex - Breeding Seasons - Hardiness - Suitable Plants - Bird Photography - Surgical Sexing - Need for Live Food - Quarantine Facilities - Handy Feeding Station - Incubation & Brooder - Cultivating Live Food and much more.

This DVD series was compiled with the help of 22 South Africa's leading African finch breeders and keepers, all of whom participated in a major countrywide research study to ensure that the most up to date knowledge and experience could be shared with you in this first such specialist series.

This pioneering bird keeping DVD series, filmed and produced by Eelco Meyjes, presents the results of this qualitative study and can be seen in the unique Bird Keeper's Guide that appears below each species in the DVD. Five icons are used: EYE, BIRD, NEST BOX, ANT and WEATHER to provide key information on subject matter to help you achieve greater breeding and keeping success for all types of finches.

Part Five Keeping and Breeding Softbills -This double disc DVD features over 85 Softbill species. Softbills fall into specific dietary groups and the footage includes a legend to highlight their preference be it vegetable, fruit, insects, nectar, seed or meat. The second disc features informative interviews with well know breeders. Total running time for 2 DVDs 154 minutes

"This is a product that I fully recommend." - Russell Kingston
"This Video has it all." - Australian Birdkeepers magazine
"A must have for all bird keeping whether you are a softbill breeder or not!" -Just Finches and Softbill magazine. "This DVD is fantastic!...the best DVD I have ever seen on bird keeping-suitable for not only Grey's but any pet and aviary Parrot Keeper." - Sheryll Steele-Boyce

SALE! DVD BirdKeeping Series - Over 500 years of bird keeping experience shared in this pioneering bird keeping 5 DVD Series. On sale!
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