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"...on Friday I sprinkled the F-Vite and ePowder on the parent’s sprouts, seed and also mixed it into the Feast. Friday night the chicks had some food in their crops and “bubble boy” made another appearance. Saturday, the chicks looked better and by Sunday afternoon, to my great relief and shear joy, the chicks had very full crops and no sign of “bubble boy”. The parents seem to have more energy, too. Could those two supplements have made that much of a difference in just 2 days? I can only assume, YES!"
Cathy Yocuis- NJ

NEW! ePowderPlus is double the strength of the original ePowder.

ePowderPlus is cultured yeast to accelerate growth in the chicks. to energize feeding parents and to protect young birds from stress. It is a rich source of Vitamin B energy enzymes, breeding proteins and immune modulating minerals and provide an energy component to Dr Marshall's ongoing health programs for birds.

ePowderPLUS combines the concentrated protein (15-18%) and energy (lipid 5-8%) content of double strength yeast metabolites of original e-powder with the prebiotic, cognitive and immune benefits of yeast cell wall MOS (mannoprotein complex).

For Pet Birds For Pigeons

ePowderPlus means ENERGY
The rate of growth of the chick is determined by the energy content of the food, its genetic make-up and the ability of parents to feed it to its full capacity. The full potential for growth is achieved when the feeding parents are protected from fatigue and the energy fed to the chicks is processed as quickly as possible. The faster the baby converts the energy for growth, the quicker the crop empties and the more food the adult can feed. ePowderPlus accelerates the conversion of energy into growth and prevents fatigue in the feeding parents. The result is a parent that feeds more, a chick that grows faster and a show bird that fulfils its genetic potential.

Excellent source of Thiamin and B vitamins
ePowderPlus is recommended for all breeding birds on a daily basis. ePowderPlus contains the by-products of cultured yeast and can be mixed into tonic seed, soft food or sprouted seed or kept on its own in small finger drawers. It is highly palatable, but some birds need a few days to totally accept the new taste on the food.

The need for ePowderPlus varies from one seasonal program to the next. Refer to each Program for recommended frequency off administration.

The enzymatic actions of Thiamine and the other B vitamins promote the rapid growth of chicks and protect their parents from the fatigue of feeding. The B vitamins and amino acids allow the chicks to grow to their full capacity by pushing their energy pathways to their genetic limits. ePowderPlus replaces the lost energy as quickly as possible in the feeding parents and accelerates the recovery from the exertions of feeding. The rearing of three healthy robust rounds is no longer a dream but becomes a reality when ePowderPlus is mixed each day with the energy rich TurboBooster oil.

The iron, zinc, and amino acids in e-powderPlus further help the feeding adults to recover as quickly as possible, enabling them to feed their rapidly growing chicks to full capacity without tiring.

Breeding pairs
ePowderPlus mixed into Turbo-booster impregnated seed to accelerate the growth of chicks by improving their energy conversion and protecting laying hens and the feeding parents from fatigue. Mix ¼ teaspoon of e-powderPlus to each 200grams of oiled seed, soaked seed or soft food fed daily. Or fill the finger drawer with ePowderPlus. Refresh daily when the parents are feeding young.

Stressed and sick birds
Give ePowderPlus in the Turbo-booster impregnated seed, soaked seed or soft food mix for each day for birds with a negative energy balance. ePowderPlus stimulates the appetite of weanlings and ill birds. The energy imbalance is quickly reversed. Mix ¼ teaspoon of e-PowderPlus into each 400 grams of seed, soft food or soaked seed. Budgerigars, parrots,canaris

Aviary Birds
Give e-powder in the Turbo-booster impregnated seed, soaked seed or soft food mix for one day twice weekly to protect the young birds from the stress of overcrowding. ePowderPlus is especially useful in aviaries with enteritis caused by bacteria, Megabacteria, Coccidiosis or Worms.

Budgerigars, parrots, canaries and finches: Mix 1g (1/4tsp) into 400gm of seed or soft food
Pet Birds: Mix 0.5g into 200g of seed or softfood
Pigeons and poultry: Mix 5g into2kg of seed or softfood

200g $18.79
400g 39.59
1k 69.39

ePowderPlus - Cultured yeast to accelerate growth in the chicks, energize feeding parents and to protect young birds from stress.
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