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Learn basic techniques in microscope use and
pathogen identification as well as correct treatments
once the pathogen is identified.

You can take control of any potential health
problems in your collection with this special offer and SAVE!

Author Dr. Danny Brown
56 page, provides basic training in microscope use and pathogen identification. It will improve your management procedures and support in responsible medication practices by using a more scientific and educated approach.
Canary Health Book - By Dr. Rob
Author Dr. Rob Marshall
The extensive information presented in this book is an essential reference for those who want to provide the best available care to their canaries. The "self help" philosophy allows readers to learn about the practical requirements of canary health and happiness.
Microscope Management of Avian Disease DVD
Author Dr. Rob Marshall
60 minute DVD, helping you identify bird illness problems early so that a better result is achievable in saving sick birds. Correct technique in using the microscope and a complete necropsy is performed.

Special Offer!
Purchase the Complete Set and SAVE!

Each item in this kit can be purchased separately!

Health Education Combo - Aviculturists & Herpetologists. Learn how to identify signs of illness early making it possible to save your sick bird! You can take control of any potential health problems in your collection with this special offer and SAVE! Included: Under the Microscope (book), Canary Health (book) & Microscope Management of Avian Disease (DVD)
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Any one interested in using a microscope to monitor the health of your flock, there is a Yahoo e-group called Avian Microscopy. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/avianmicroscopy/ The members in this group are savvy with microscope usage and very helpful in making identifications of fecal slides as well as offering advise on purchasing a microscope, camera and supplies. I recommend joining this group. It will help you in maintaining the health of your flock

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