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LadyG's Alfalfa Greens contains flakes and sprigs of alfalfa. The best green crop that "Mother Nature" has to offer to help keep her animals healthy. It is an excellent source of antioxident, and essential amino acids. When fresh greens are not available, simply sprinkle over birds softfood or give free choice in a treat cup!

For an extra special treat mist (re-hydrate) with fruit juice. Your birds will relish it!

Available in: 4oz & 8oz bags

Alfalfa has been used by the Chinese since the sixth century to treat kidney stones, and to relieve fluid retention and swelling. It grows throughout the world in a variety of climates. Alfalfa grows to about 3 feet and has blue-violet flowers that bloom from July to September. The leaves of the alfalfa plant are rich in minerals and nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and carotene (useful against both heart disease and cancer). The leaves of this remarkable legume contain eight essential amino acids. Leaves are also rich in protein, vitamins E and K. Alfalfa alkalizes and detoxifies the body, especially the liver. It promotes pituitary gland function and contains an anti-fungus agent. Alfalfa also has been shown to be an aid to digestion because it contains the digestive enzyme betaine.

Alfalfa Greens - is an excellent source of antioxidant, chlorophyll and essential amino acids. It increases appetite, aids digestion, detoxifies and alkalizes the body. When fresh greens are not available, simply sprinkle over birds softfood or give free choice is a treat cup
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