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"...My birds LOVE the Herb Salad™. I was a little nervous about it because of it being dried - I just thought that they would prefer fresh - but wow! They went through a dish of it yesterday and started right in on it this morning when I filled the dish again. I am very impressed. Thank you for offering such a product."
Martha Bannister- CT

"...The products I ordered from you are PERFECT!! I am not using them for finches, but instead a European Starling. He LOVES everything we got him! The mixed herbs are a huge hit with him.
His feathers are growing back in already! This year for some reason he was having a difficult time molting his feathers....he is 9 years old. I think it had to do with the move from one home to the next and lack of light in the new home. I added a sunlight bulb but it just was not enough. He is doing absolutely fabulous now! Thank You, Thank You."
Vicky Bailey-Sacramento CA

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