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"...following the health programs you developed for me I have so many beautiful weaned chicks now and all of my birds look totally amazing. I can’t believe how great my birds look and breed"
BBA Aviary, Serge Micheli - Canada

HI-CAL is used to prevent soft-shelled eggs and to prevent egg-binding. HI-CAL should be used when egg-shell problems are a result of molding disease or bowel infections (e.g. E.coli, diarrhea, sweating disease). These diseases prevent the proper absorption of minerals. For birds with a history of egg-binding, HI - CAL should be added to the drinking water a few days after the pair is placed in the breeding cage and continued until the clutch is complete.

HI-CAL does not contain D3 or Magnesium (essentials required for proper calcium absorption). Hi Cal should always be used with a full spectrum vitamin supplement containing Vitamin D3 and magnesium, or may be used as a stand-alone product when aiding an egg-bound hen.

Dosing Rates
Dose HI - CAL directly by mouth (use a crop needle or syringe) for egg binding, egg laying paralysis, and sick breeding hens. Administer in drinking water or via soft food for egg shell problems (soft, rough, or malformed eggs).

Drinking Water
Pigeons, Canaries, Gouldians, Finches and Poultry
Add 5ml (1 teaspoon) to 250mls of drinking water for 3 consecutive days.

Add 10ml (2 teaspoons) to 250mls of drinking water for 3 consecutive days.

Soft Food Mix
Mix 2mls into 100gms of soft food or soaked seed.

Crop Needle
Mix HI -CAL with ER Formula. Use 0.25mls of Hi Cal per 100gm body weight.

Calcium Glubionate, 28.76g/100ml

Available in: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml & 1 litre


HI-CAL HI-CAL – Dr Rob Marshall’s Hi-Cal is a rapidly absorbed, potent source of calcium.
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