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"..on shipments of baby parakeets we were losing 5% due to stress. Since I started using NV Powder & Probiotic, I have not lost a baby!"
Jerry Nelson- FL

"..your birds arrived in fabulous condition! All the birds were eating well and bathing within minutes of arrival!"
Arlene Wilson- WA

Managing STRESS
Shows, Shipping, Illness and Trips to the Vet

As a breeder I know travel, shipping, breeding, illness and showing can be very stressful on my birds. Stress is a normal, healthy reaction to unusual conditions. I found a simple nutritional procedure that reduces the harmful effects of stress on birds! Two days prior, during and two days after any Stressful event, I give my birds NV Powder and Probiotics in their drinking water.

Available in: NV (100g) + Probiotic (3oz/85g) and NV (200g) + Probiotic (6oz/170g)

Stress Combo Pak! NV Powder & Probiotic - illness, shipping, breeding, showing and trips to the Vet can be very stressful on our birds. You will be amazed at the results!
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