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two secrets that will
improve your
breeding season!

First:you must feed your birds a diet
that will create health and vitality.
Second:you must send them the nutritional
message that tells them that
"raising chicks is going to be easy
and successful!"

Our Breeding Kit was created to help you be successful with both of our breeding secrets. The kit contains everything you will need to start your breeding program and have consistently good breeding results year after year.

The Breeding Kit products are easy to use and include:

Calcium Plus Powder Prevent Egg Biding (1oz)
Nesting Material Bermuda Grass (3oz)
Leg Bands with tool (10 bands, same color)
Miracle Meal Soft Food Healthier Chicks 1lb
Plastic Nest Box Inside or Outside hang
Breeders Blend Improved Fertility (1oz)
Breeder Card Holder and Record Forms
FREE! LadyG Breeding Seed Blend
Morning Bird Breeder Kit: - Calcium Plus Powder (1oz), Nesting Material (3oz), Leg Bands (10bands, same color) Miracle Meal Soft Food (1lb), Plastic Nest Box (inside or outside hang), Breeders Blend (1oz), Breeder Record Cards and Holder, and FREE LadyG Breeding Season Blend (1 lb.)
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