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NEW! Raff Pallino Rosso Biscuits

Delicious snack food for red factor seed eating birds




Raff's Pallino Rosso: Choice egg biscuit with pigment for all cage and aviary birds. Brightens plumage and is a source of energy and proteins provided typically by egg (35% fresh eggs at origin). Enriched with dehydrated carrot and spinach.

Ingredients: cereals, eggs and egg products 35% min., sugar, vegetables min. 4% (carrots, spinach), minerals, natural flavors, with preservatives, and colored with CEE additives. Canthaxantin 20mg/Kg. Made in Italy..


Available in: 5 Biscuits to a pack



Pallino Rosso - Egg Biscuits with vegetables. Snack for red factor seed eating birds.
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