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New, Healthy Foraging Snacks from Italy


                     ALL BIRDS LOVE THEM!
                   These treat sticks combine
                  only the highest quality seeds,
                  grains, vitamins, fruit, veggies,
                            eggs and honey.

                    BIRDS PICK THE SEEDS AS
                   IF THEY WERE IN THE WILD!
                       Provides a diversion from
                     monotony and represents a
                  fun pastime and a yummy treat.

Like many animals, birds like a break from the everyday fare. But, not all treats are created equal in a bird's view. Our birds like something that replicates their diet in the wild, which is based on foraging. That variety provides stimulation to the birds who are curious creatures. While taste is very important, birds are unique, just as people. They all have flavor preferences. Sometimes, birds can be very picky and won't switch flavors. Color also plays a large role in a bird's opinion of taste. Birds pick colors they like. Through these seed treats, your birds recognize their own NATURAL WAY of GOING in search of food, which stimulates their vitality!

Pinny Treat Sticks, our new treats from Italy, are healthy baked treat sticks fortified with vitamins, eggs, vegetables, fruits, honey and more. Hang up a stick in your bird's cage for them to enjoy at any time!

ENERGY (eggs, honey), MELODY (niger, poppy), VEGGIES (carrot,pepper, tomato), FRUITS (apple, kiwi, bananas)


Pinny Treat Sticks - New Foraging Treats! Pinny Treat Sticks- Birds pick the seeds as if they were in the wild! Treat Sticks combine only the highest quality seeds, grains, vitamins, fruit, vegetables, eggs and honey. 4 Great flavors!
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Metal Cuttlebone & Millet Clips - Holds cuttlebone or spray millet securely
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Millet & Cuttlebone Holder with Perch Great for hanging veggies, millet, and cuttlebone. Hangs on the cage and keeps food off the floor.
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"...I have tried many different seed stick treats and these are the best quality by far!"   Susan OH
"...My birds love foraging on the sticks. Thanks for the best quality treats EVER!"   Ricardo FL



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