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NEW! Dr Rob Marshall's

Perfect for small flocks!


There are many good things found in seeds but they do not contain
the 40 essential nutrients a bird needs on a daily basis.

A diet of seed alone falls woefully short!

Offering an affordable way for you to experience Dr Marshall's
Superior Health Products & Programs in SAMPLER sizes.


Dr Rob Marshall's STARTER Sampler™ Includes:

DufoPlus (50ml) potent water soluble multivitamin free of any sugar or glucose and preserved in nitrogen.

Ioford (50ml) rich in iodine for breeding condition and quick molts; calcium and vitaminD for breeding hens; and iron for conditioning and show performance.


TurboBooster (50ml) designed to replace soft-food and soaked seed as a source of energy and protein for the feeding parents.

E Powder (2oz) cultured yeast to accelerate growth in the chicks, energize feeding parents and protect young birds from stress.

F Vite (2oz) replaces grit, cuttlebone, salt blocks and mineral powders.

Megamix (50ml) prevents yeast infections in baby birds. Protects birds from the damaging effects of wet weather and high humidity.

KD Water Cleaner (2oz) protects birds from germs in their food, water, and environment allowing them to thrive during times of natural stress, during breeding & molting seasons.


booklet booklet

Dr Marshall's STARTER SAMPLER™ also includes a 16 page booklet with step by step dosing instructions and Seasonal Feeding Programs to help take the confusion out of what you should be feeding your birds.



Wait! There's more! Dr Marshall's Starter Sampler™ also includes...

seed FREE Finch/Canary Seed s76 FREE S76 s76 FREE Canary Health Book


Dr. Rob Marshall's Starter Sampler™- Perfect for small flocks! - includes: DufoPlus 50ml, Ioford 50ml, Megamix 50ml, Turbobooster 50ml, EPowder 2oz, Fvite 2oz, KD Water Cleanser 2oz, FREE Canary Health Book, FREE S76 25ml, FREE Finch & Canary seed 1lb., FREE Seasonal Program Charts, FREE 16 Page Product Guide

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