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Raff's Universal Extra: is a mash universal fits for insectivorous birds. Insectivorous birds characterized by a very fast metabolism and a relatively short gastrointestinal system. The food for insectivorous birds must therefore contain nutrients concentrated and with rapid assimilation.

Ingredients: bread products, cereals, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fat, seeds, sugars, minerals, vegetable by-products, yeast.

Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15,000 IU, Vitamin D3 2,500 IU, Vitamin E 19 mg; Copper E4 (copper sulphate pentahydrate) 28mg, Iron E1 (iron carbonate) 75 mg, Manganese E5 (manganous oxide) 75 mg, Zinc E6 (zinc oxide) 70 mg, Iodine E2 (potassium iodide) 0.1 mg, Selenium E8 (sodium selenite) 0.1 mg. Juniper flavor. Antioxidants. Colorants.

Feeding: give in a special feeding bowl, one spoonful per day for each individual, throughout the breeding and molting season. Give twice a week during the rest of the year.


Available in: 1kg



Universal Extra - soft food for insectivorous birds. Renowned for its digestibility, light texture and Juniper flavor.
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