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NEW! Raff Professional

Birds supplemented with Vitamin E before
the breeding season produce a better fertility




Raff's Vitamin E Liquid Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining bodily functions and in the fertility of our birds. Vitamin E contains fertility enhancing vitamin E in association with Selenium according to the latest zoo technical findings. Vitamin E is an indispensable food additive in preparation for nestling. Thanks to its anti-oxidant and epithelium-protective action, vitamin E promotes song and spermatogenesis in males, induces early mating and facilitates hatching.


Raff's Vitamin E Liquid should be given at least three weeks before the breeding period begins. When the hen has started laying discontinue the use of Vitamin E. The continued use of E during the period would cause a disruption of the hatching process because of an aroused mating instinct in the male.


Dosing: 10ml of product per 1kg of food (solid or otherwise) for 10 consecutive days, making sure you change liquid food every day. Daily dose per bird: 0.05ml (1 drop) or 0.5ml (10 drops) in 50ml of food (solid or otherwise). Non-injectable liquid.



Shake well before use. Store in dark place. Refer to the accompanying data sheet for composition and instructions.


Available in: 25ml and 200ml


Vitamin E Liquid-to keep birds healthy and increase breeding results.
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