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THE FINCH...A Breeder's Companion - takes the reader on a journey covering 70 species with the aid of 400 color plates. Species that are closely related are treated separately but are grouped together in chapters.
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A Guide to Gouldian Finches - Milton Lewis, Dr. Rob Marshall, Dr. Terry Martin, and Ron Tristram.
This complete revision features concise information on Gouldian Finches in the Wild and in Captivity, including Housing, Nutrition, Breeding, Mutation and Color Breeding, Health and Disease. Supported by over 330 images, including an extensive selection of mutations. 148 Pages Soft back.
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The Gouldian Finch - Stewart Evans, Mike Fidler, with contributions from Dr Stacy Gelis, Russell Kingston, Dr Debra McDonald, David Myers and Sarah Pryke
240 Pages, 100 Color plates, based on years of research and experience it is a wealth of information, covering species in the wild and breeding in captivity, health & disease, nutrition, ultraviolet vision, mutations and genetics.
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Canary HEALTH - The extensive information presented in this book is an essential reference for those who want to provide the best available care to their canaries. The "self help" philosophy allows readers to learn about the practical requirements of canary health and happiness. Canary Health also discusses in detail the various diseases of canaries and explains their treatment. It allows canary owners to understand why diseases occur and most importantly, how they should be prevented.
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Hand Feeding & Raising Finches - this booklet will take you step by step through the entire process. Covering topics on making your own brooder to the various methods of feeding the chicks! A must if you have birds that pitch or abandon babies!
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Under The Microscope - This 56 page, soft cover new title by author, Dr Danny Brown, is truly a 'little gem' of a book. This easy-to-read reference has been produced to provide basic training in microscope use and pathogen identification for those aviculturists and herpetologists with the desire to take control of the potential health problems in their collections.
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Microscopic Management of Avian Disease DVD - The microscope helps identify bird illness problems early. Dr. Rob Marshall's Video teaches the correct technique in using the microscope to identify problems early so that a better result is achievable in saving sick birds. 60 minute video.
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Australian BirdKeeper Magazine - Six glossy, colorful and informative issues per year. Each issue contains regular features and articles on all popular cage & aviary birds. Articles are written by top breeders, aviculturlists and veterinarians from all over the world.
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Avian Medicine: Principles and Application - This handy paperback is an informative and affordable reference for anyone with an interest in avian health care. Over 40 chapters including all the basics of bird care, plus Hemotology, Cytology, Endoscopic Examination, Necropsy Examination, Supportive Care and Emergency Treatment, Trauma Medicine, Antimicrobial Therapy, Formulary, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Pneumonology, Endocrinoloigy, Dermatology, Oncology, Opthalmology, Cardiology, Neurology, Theriogenology, Neonatology, Malnutrition, Viruses, Bacteria, Chlamydia, Mycosis, Parasites, Toxins, Surgical Considerations, and more.

Black/white photos and drawings, Pages 809, Paperback, 4" x 8.25"
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Dr Marshall's Starter Pak for Canaries - includes the book Canary Health, TurboBooster 100ml, FVite 8oz, ePowder 200g., DufoPlus 100ml, Ioford 250ml, KD Water Cleanser 100g., Megamix 100ml, FREE Quik Gel 50ml, FREE Finch and canary Seed(1lb), FREE S76 (15ml), FREE Seasonal Program Charts, FREE 16 Page Product Guide. SAVE $79.60!

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Dr Marshall's Starter Pak for Gouldians - includes the book A Guide to Gouldian Finches, TurboBooster 100ml, FVite 8oz, ePowder 200g., DufoPlus 100ml, Ioford 250ml, KD Water Cleanser 100g., Megamix 100ml, FREE Quik Gel 50ml, FREE Finch and canary Seed(1lb), FREE S76 (15ml), FREE Seasonal Program Charts, FREE 16 Page Product GuideSAVE 80.79!

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Hand Rearing Kit - includes: FREE Syringe, Nutri-Start baby formula (11oz.), Hand Feeding & Raising Finches book, FREE Twin Beaks® Aviary's Herb Salad™ 2oz
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Health Education Combo - Aviculturists & Herpetologists. Learn how to identify signs of illness early making it possible to save your sick bird! You can take control of any potential health problems in your collection with this special offer and SAVE! Included: Under the Microscope (book), Canary Health (book) & Microscope Management of Avian Disease (DVD), Free Twin Beaks® Aviary's Herb Salad™ 2oz
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