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Dr. Marshalls Products

Dr Marshall's Health Products Starter Pak - includes TurboBooster 100ml, FVite 8oz, ePowderPlus 100g., DufoPlus 100ml, Ioford 250ml, KD Water Cleanser 100g., Megamix 100ml, FREE Quik Gel 50ml, FREE Finch and canary Seed(1lb), FREE S76 (15ml), FREE Canary Health Book, FREE Seasonal Program Charts, FREE 16 Page Product Guide. SAVE 77.33

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SALE! Bloomford - produces feather bloom, prevents sinus problems and tightens droppings.
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DufoPlus - Sugar-free multi-vitamin, energy supplement for growing chicks, feeding parents and convalescing patients. Mix with soft food or seed.
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ePowderPlus - Cultured yeast to accelerate growth in the chicks, energize feeding parents and to protect young birds from stress.
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ER Formula - abandoned/orphaned and sick birds that stop eating because of illness can be saved when ER Formula is given.
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F-Vite - Sterile, concentrated Calcium, vitamin and mineral source used to replace grit, cuttlebone and salt blocks.
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NEW! Inca Honey - dietary source of vitamin D, soluble fiber, carrot and acai berry antioxidant extracts. Recommended for birds living inside away from sunshine.
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Ioford - Rich in iodine for breeding condition and a quick molt, vitamin D for breeding hens and iron for conditioning and show performance
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KD Powder - Multi-purpose water cleanser that kills germs and "self-cleans" the drinkers, removing all traces of sludge automatically.
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SALE! Megamix - Balances the ph of the digestive tract of birds exposed to high humidity and sudden temperture changes.
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NV Powder - Sugar based vitamin, mineral and electrolyte supplement designed to rejuvenate energy depleted and dehydrated birds.
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SALE! Organic Beans - High Protein, Low Cholesterol Organic Bean Mix pet and breeding parrots. Formulated from culture tested superior quality organic beans. Especially important for Cockatiels, Eclectus, Galahs, Conures, White Cackatoos and other pet birds susceptible to cholesterol problems and Fatty Liver Disease (FLS)
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SALE! Quik-Gel Emergency First Aid Treatment for Critical times: Cold, Hot or Wet Spells, Airsac mites, Egg Binding, Nestling Rejections, Air in the Crop, Outbreak of Disease, Weaning Youngsters and following a course of antibiotics.
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Sale! S76 - The first choice medicine for treating airsac mites in the water.
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TurboBooster - Protein, energy, vitamin and garlic oil for breeding, moulting and racing birds.
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NEW! Ve8 Prebiotic- first line of attack for birds susceptible to digestive disturbance. Ve8 is part of the immediate treatment plan to aid the function of antibiotics in eliminating gut infections.
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Stress Combo Pak! NV Powder & Probiotic - illness, shipping, breeding, showing and trips to the Vet can be very stressful on our birds. You will be amazed at the results!
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TurboBooster & Organic Bean Mix - Improve Your Breeding Outcome! TurboBooster 250ml, Bean Mix 500g
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Spray with Measurements Plastic Spray Bottle with Measurments- Lady G's 16oz spray bottle has both US and Metric measures, as well as dilution measurements. Comes with both a sprayer and a cap making it ideal for mixing, applying and storage. This bottle comes labeled with a handy conversion chart and space to fill in contents, date, dosing instructions. Perfect for medications, bug sprays and all other concentrates.
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Wide Mouth Spray Bottle- Our 32 oz sprayers feature a black graduated scale for quick dilution and mixing and a wide mouth for easy filling. Fill without spills, larger opening than a gallon jug. Fully adjustable spray pattern.
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Bottle Brush - foam tip, soft bristled stem, works equally well on glass or plastics without scratching. Doesn't absorb water or become soggy. Ergonomically designed wide, flat handle makes for easy rotating of brush. Dishwasher Safe! L 13" x W2"
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Deluxe Bottle Brush - cleans narrow necked bottles. Ergonomically designed T-handle makes cleaning easy.
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Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set- - 4 piece stainless steel with both American and Metric measures on the handle. Take the confusion out of converting to metric measure.

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Measuring Pitcher - has both US and Metric measures. Extra strong construction, they are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. Polypropylene, black de-bossed oz & ml, excellent pouring control from a fine trickle to a fast pour.
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Measuring Kit - All the measurements you need are right at your fingertips. Easily Convert American to Metric. Kit includes: Plastic Spray Bottle 16oz, Measuring Spoon Set of 4, Syringe Test Pak of 9, Measuring Pitcher 16oz with measurments and Deluxe Bottle Brush.
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