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Every Day is a Sunny Day

Full Spectrum
Compact Spiral Bulb
  • Provides Indoor Sunlight
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Mimics a Bird’s Natural Environment
  • Improves Color Vision, Helps
  • Breeding Activity and Feeding Interest
  • Fits Standard Light Sockets
  • Lasts 8,000 hours
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • NEW! Developed Specifically for Birds!
    UVA 5% and .005 UVB
    5500k and 91cri

    Available in: 20 Watts

    * This bulb cannot be used with dimmable controls because it has an electronic ballast with a flicker rate of 60,000 per second.

    Every Night is a Moonlit Night

    Moonlight Bulb

    FeatherBrite’s moonlight Bulb helps relieve the stress of night for those birds who experience “Night Fright”. The bulb gives off a soft blue light that is very calming. The bulb has 3 blue LED bulbs encased in frosted white globe. Candelabra base, adapter included for standard sockets. Operates using only .06 watts of electricity. 1 Year Warranty.

    Available in: .06 Watts

    Healthy Lighting! FeatherBrite – brings the sun indoors just like nature. The efficiency, economy, and radiance of a fluorescent light, FeatherBrite full spectrum compact spiral bulb, blends flawlessly with natural light and lasts (8,000 hours) about 8 times longer than a regular light bulb. 1 year warranty.
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    "Night Fright" FeatherBrite's LED Moonlight Bulb – helps relieve the stress of night for those birds who experience “night fright”. The bulb gives off a soft blue light that is very calming. Operates using only .06 watts of electricity. Fits all FeatherBrite lamps, or any standard lamp socket with adapter. 1 year warranty.
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    Birds do best when exposed to sunlight. The importance of sunshine becomes obvious when we see them bask in the sun in sheer delight after having been deprived of sunshine for a period of time. Sunlight provides birds with a natural source of Vitamin D, which is essential for the utilization of calcium, for the health and performance of breeding hens, and for strong bones and male virility.

    Full Spectrum lighting is beneficial to birds by mimicking a bird’s natural environment. The greatest benefit of full spectrum lighting is the natural synthesis of Vitamin D precursors allowing the animal to naturally regulate calcium uptake. Another important benefit of full spectrum lighting is the effect it has on the glandular system. The Thyroid Gland controls how and when the other glands function and for it to function properly, it needs to be stimulated by normal photoperiods of full spectrum light. The Hypothalamus is involved in proper feather development and skin. The Pineal Gland controls the cyclical process such as molting and the reproductive cycle. Birds have four color vision and the lower wavelength (UVA) adds to the fourth visual perspective. The most basic benefit of light is sight. Birds have very keen vision and use vital information regarding their environment to navigate and to locate and identify food, other birds, and predators. Correct spectrum and photoperiod of light are also critical factors in normal preening as well as the skin and feather health of birds. If a bird’s system is not stimulated through adequate environment lighting to maintain proper endocrine function, it may become lethargic and not continue normal preening behaviors. A full spectrum bulb with CRI (color rendering index) of 90 or higher contains enough UVA to achieve this. It is middle ultraviolet light (UVB) that causes Vitamin synthesis in the skin. Most professionals agree that the UVB needs to be somewhere between 290 and 310 nanometers in wavelength and color temperature of 5000 Kelvin for this to occur.

    FeatherBrite full spectrum bulbs can provide these important benefits. The FeatherBrite full spectrum bulb is a compact spiral fluorescent, 15w, 5500k, 91 cri. UVA 4%, UVB .05% (UVB is between 290-310 nm in wavelength). FeatherBrite bulbs will bring out colors in your bird’s feathers that you may not have even known existed while using a standard fluorescent cage light. It has a standard screw-in base and will burn approximately 8000 hours and is guaranteed for one year.

    Full spectrum lighting should be used during the brightest daytime hours. It is recommended that you use a timer so that the light goes on and off at specific times each day. Mount or suspend these lights approximately 12” to 18” above the cage to best simulate the manner in which light falls upon birds in nature. However, be sure to research your particular species regarding their specific lighting needs.

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