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Insect   treat
Musca Domestica
A Premium Quality Feeder Insect

Insect TREAT™ is a high quality mixture of dried and ground Musca Domestica larvae and pupae. It can be an excellent supplement for any avian diet requiring additional protein.

Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio best for Birds
Second only to the cricket, Musca Domestica (the common housefly) provides the best calcium to phosphorus ratio for our birds, better even than the mealworm.

Lady G's Insect Treat™ is 100% INSECTS. Organic, completely natural and without additives, Insect Treat™ helps provide essential avian protein nutrition required by insectivorous birds and breeding birds rearing young.

Directions for use:
Feed as a stand alone in its own dish, or add Insect Treat™ to your favorite home-made egg food and breads. You may also sprinkle onto your bird's fruits and vegetables. Use to enhance commercial and fruit nectars or gel diets. Increase amounts during the breeding season.

Product Analysis

Dehydrated Musca domestica Larvae

Count per pound 100,000s
Calories per gram 5.86
Ca : P 1:3.054
Crude Protein 56.5
Fat (EE) 17.2%
Fiber ADF 18.2%
Fiber AL 5.5%
Fiber NDF 39.1%
Carbohydrate 21.1%
Ash 5.4%
Selenium ug/g 1.9
Copper ppm 40
Iron ppm 415
Zinc ppm 421
Maganese ppm 441
Calcium .37%
Phosphorous 1.13%
Sodium .54%
Magnesium .34%
Potassium 1.21%
Vitamin A IU/100gm 1616.0
Vitamin B1 * 4.1
Vitamin B2 * 15.8
Vitamin C * 100.0
Niacin * 14.7
Total Fat 20.40%
Fatty Acid Profile:
Myristic 0.70%
Myristoleic 0.50%
Palmitic 1.90%
Palmitoleic 0.70%
Stearic 1.60%
Oleic 10.30%
Linoleic 0.60%
Linolenic 0.10%
Amino Acid Profile:
Aspartic Acid 5.68%
Threonine 2.65%
Serine 2.68%
Glutamic Acid 7.80%
Proline 2.55%
Glycine 2.62%
Alanine 3.43%
Cystine 0.42%
Valine 2.75%
Methionine 1.38%
Isoleucine 1.99%
Leucine 3.53%
Tyrosine 3.63%
Phenylalanine 3.58%
Lysine, Total 4.06%
Histidine 1.91%
Arginine 2.76%

Dehydrated Musca domestica Pupae

Count per pound 45,000
Calories per gram 6.13
Ca : P 1:3.375
Crude Protein 55.5
Fat (EE) 19.2%
Fiber ADF 17.5%
Fiber AL 3.4%
Fiber NDF 4.6%
Carbohydrate 7.8%
Ash 6.9%
Selenium ug/g 2.0
Copper ppm 46
Iron ppm 606
Zinc ppm 454
Maganese ppm 226
Calcium .40%
Phosphorous 1.35%
Sodium .90%
Magnesium .36%
Potassium 1.62%
Vitamin A IU/100gm 2.89
Vitamin B1 * 6.0
Vitamin B2 * 18.3
Vitamin C * 8.3
Niacin * 17.6
Amino Acid Profile:
Aspartic Acid 5.38%
Threonine 2.33%
Serine 2.19%
Glutamic Acid 6.59%
Proline 2.08%
Glycine 2.39%
Alanine 2.49%
Cystine 0.46%
Valine 2.54%
Methionine 1.35%
Isoleucine 1.84%
Leucine 3.30%
Tyrosine 2.81%
Phenylalanine 2.54%
Lysine, Total 3.06%
Histidine 1.84%
Arginine 2.65%

Available in: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and l lb

Insect Treat™ - Premium Quality Feeder Insect. Grown in the USA. 100% Insect, No fillers. An ideal supplement for all insectivorous birds. Add to your favorite home-made egg food or free choice.
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Insect   treat
Musca Domestica
A Premium Quality Feeder Insect

Musca domestica is one of the most widely distributed organisms on earth and occupies a basic position in the food chain. In every stage of its life cycle, it is a beneficial food source for many types of animals. It is consumed with hearty enthusiasm by Rothschild's Pheasants straight from the jungle, penny-sized frogs, aquarium and pond fish, as well as most captive-bred birds.

Birds are brought into peak breeding condition by eating the food that is best suited for rearing their young. Supplying breeding birds with enough of these necessary foods has a positive effect beyond just the nutritional. It promotes a higher breeding success and healthier babies.

Organic Vegetable Diet
Lady G's Insect Treat™ contains 100% INSECTS. It is organic, natural and without additives. It provides additional, natural avian protein nutrition, needed especially by breeding birds rearing young. Our Musca domestica are raised on an exclusively organic vegetable diet. Just as live feeder mealworms and crickets, these insects are safe for avian consumption. Only insects that have been grown on vegetable diets are safe be fed to birds!

Every developmental stage of the Musca domestica are contained in Insect Treat™, including the valuable larvae (maggot) and the pupae (cocoon). Important proteins (18.5%) reside in live larvae and lipids. During metamorphosis, amazing chemical changes take place. From larvae to pupae the Vitamin A content increases five and a half times, Vitamin C, 12 times.

Calcium to Phosphorus best for Birds
Second only to the cricket, Musca Domestica (common housefly) provides the best calcium/phosphorus ratio. A Calcium to Phosphorus ratio of 1:1 was found to be the best for birds.

In the Common Feeder Insects the Calcium to Phosphorus:
  Cricket - 1:2
  Meal Worm - 1:13.5
  Housefly - 1:3.4

For dehydration, the insects are heated in a low chamber so the moisture is rapidly removed and the nutrients kept in the best condition. Our preserved insects are UV reflective and retain the look of food to the bird's eye.

The housefly in its several forms will not fill every nitch in live feeder insect use, but it will fill many better than anything else available on the market so far.

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